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To further my missions of
I'm offering FREE musical story times at libraries around Washington State during regular library story times. Children who attend will have the opportunity to learn songs and participate in other musical activities. We will usually sing at least one song in a language other than English, and we will explore educational themes related to music from different cultures.

Sample Story Time Theme: The Navajo (Dine) People

Song: Shi Na-shaa
Stories: How the Stars Fell into the Sky & The Long Walk
Instrument: rattle or drum
Activity: Walking & Singing

Sample Story Time Theme: South America

Songs: La granja & A la rueda de San Miguel
Story: Coyote & Rabbit
Instrument: Maracas
Activity: Circle Dance

Sample Story Time Theme: Israel

Songs: Shalom Chaverim & Zum Gali Gali
Story: It Could Always Be Worse
Instrument: Spoons
Activity: Dance

Sample Story Time Theme: Ireland

Songs: Go Away, Little Fairies, O'Keefe's Slide, Down in the Valley (Green Grass)
Story: Leprechauns Never Lie, two Leprechaun poems
Instrument: Sticks
Activity: Circle Dance

I hope to form a non-profit in the future and apply for funding for my library visits, but for now, I am volunteering my time and donating my travel expenses. (I will happily accept honorariums to help cover these costs, if offered.)