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Ukulele Classes for Kids

I offer fun group ukulele classes for kids age 5 and up!

Email me for more information.

  • Easy, fun songs!
  • Ear training & rhythm games!
  • Easy melodies!
  • Strum & Sing along!
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Ukuleles are a fantastic starter instrument for little kids, because they are easy to hold and easy on the little fingers.

Plus, you can take a ukulele anywhere!

I'm not accepting new private students currently. I hope one of my group classes may meet your needs.

Why Ukulele?

I taught guitar lessons for a living for ten years. In that time, I witnessed many children struggle with the instrument. Some of them persisted and triumphed, while others gave up. However, I began to believe that most of the struggle was unnecessary and unproductive, even for those who succeeded. I therefore began seeking a better way to teach.

I now strongly recommend that younger children start learning on a ukulele rather than a guitar. A ukelele is much simpler and easier to hold and play, it allows hand strength to develop slowly, and is overall a relatively painless and frustration-free entry-level instrument. Ukuleles are also available at a fraction of the price of guitars, and the knowledge is easily transferable to guitar, should the student wish to switch after a year or more of lessons. I also have developed a special curriculum for young kids that helps make learning easy and fun (see above).

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Musical Puppet Shows

The Singalong Ukulele Band did a musical puppet show for Arbor Day 2019, based on the children's book "Luna and Me" about Julia Butterfly.
The Puppet Theater (made of recycled cardboard): puppet theater Singalong Ukulele Band singers performing in the play: uke duo